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Did any non beta users get the S8 oreo update? If so then when did you get it and what is your model no.?There have been people claiming to get it but most of them have not been proven..Side note - In a previous post I did predict that the oreo could...
As most of you are asking the same question over and over again, which is the time frame of the oreo update of your respective Galaxy device, I decided to write this in hopes of answering all of your questions, so please read till the end and comment...
I have been using S8 since its launch and having not received an update for about 6 weeks and still stuck in August security patch I am deeply concerned about the security and the vulnerability of my device. My devices Model Number is SM-G950FD, and ...
When is Bixby Voice going to be launched world wide? How long are you going to make us use this gimmick of a hardware button for Bixby Assistance? And is your only valuable customer's the people of South Korea and usa?