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After pie update speaker output has decreased so all you guys have is to navigate to settings scroll down and select accessibility and then select hearing enhancement and then check mono audio. Bang speaker is loud as before.
Well update was unexpected. And surprise is always good. Update was smooth. Phone has way better animations and battery isn't draining. Thankfully. Dark mode is the most appreciated feature and since we're on one ui we don't need badlock apps for twe...
After i updated my j7 nxt to oreo I've found another bug in which flight mode turns on automatically which is a serious problem @admin please forward this issue to developers so that they can work on it.
Hello admin,I've encountered a serious issue with my j7 nxt after oreo update. Since the phone has got there'll be some sort of draining while the phone is on but even when the phone is off the battery goes from hundred to 93 percent overnight. Howev...
Trusted Face in smart lock is Provided by Google then why this feature is not available in smart lock. I'm having J7 nxt and it doesn't have Fingerprint sensor and i spent 11,500 for this phone which not having fingerprint sensor n ambient sensor. So...