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Does anyone feel that audio quality is downgraded after the pie update.. I do think it sounds worst in headphones and speakers now
Guys I'm gonna buy dex for my device , if I connect it to my 4k tv , will I be able to see , 4k hdr videos from my device.on my tv.
After the stable one ui update , the device lags a lot , even I could not play pubg in low mode . Lags a lot and battery is also draining fast , anyone else facing this issue
Biometrics are not working for app locks in playstore even after official update . Samsung suckers give us samsung app lock like for j series or allow us to use some from playstore.
I rooted my s9 plus and my know got tripped and all Samsung apps are not working . So I unrooted , but still no apps are working . So I reflahed stock rom still same issue. Does anyone know how much will they ask if I take it to service center