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Samsung is forcing its customers to buy latest flagships by not providing latest updates to even apps nowSamsung is developing different apps for Newly released phones like Galaxy S20 and old flagships like Galaxy Note 9, it is not giving latest upda...
Is Led indicator for missed calls working after One UI 2 update  of Note 9?After One UI 2 update, my Note 9 Led Indicator stopped working for missed calls. It is working for whatsapp,mesages and charging etc.
How to check Battery Health? How to check actual charge Battery can hold?I have used Accubattery, it is showing my phone battery health is 87% and 98 cycles just after 3.5 months use. 
Android 10 has too many bugs and no new features except gestures. Not worth updating, downgraded to Android 9. 
Report your bugs in Note9 One UI 2 to Samsung and also comment here so that all community will benefit.News Bugs in Note 9 One UI 2 update: 1. Camera Quality degraded after update. 2. Adaptive Brightness keeps resetting itself 3. No option to disable...