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The display is changing its color from black to green or blue in some situation once the brightness level lowers. Initially it started by showing a grey color over the screen. But now it changed to a situation like this. Is it a hardware or software ...
Whats the rate of changing Flex cable of LCD display for A50
My screen is not in true black color some times. I guess its happens when battery comes below a certain limit or something related with adaptive brightnesa. Pleaee let me know anyone else facing thia issue.The issue is a grey or visible black appears...
Why still A50 users didn't get android 10 update. When i called customer care they told its already rolled out. But for me its not.
Did anyone facing any issues like a grey color appers on your background continously. Like a night mode ( or blue light filter, in some 2012 model phones ) is turned on. Is this hardware or software issue? Samsung i guess some of your updates ruined ...