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Happy for those who have not updated to Android 10 while it was rolled out on 16th March.1. Audio (speakers sound) quality has been decreased.2. AMOLED Cinema/photo's option removed.3. Apps and animations are not working properly. (Checked with YouTu...
Samsung's ridiculous reply on my post, they think I have just posted without tried possible ways. Samsung please change your method of #Cut #copy #paste on every queries. Be specific and reply to the point.
many new features have been added in android 10, however some awesome features of android pie have been removed in new update. drawback of this update 1. Amoled cinema/Photo features have been removed. 2. Fast Charging option not workinv, fast chargi...
1. Fast Charging removed. (Only option is available but not working)2. Wallpaper motion effect removed.3. Font size is different in notification for different app.