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Hi there,I have S23 Ultra Does anyone knows how u can turn on both SIMs and 1 eSIM at the same time or it's impossible? 
Am having half  Black death  Screen for some time on my S21 Ultra when am unlocking my phone or during calls, please any solutions??Why am having this, this is the first time i see this issue since i bought my phone. 
مرحبا،عندي اس 21 الترا، بنهاية مكالمة عادية، الشاشة نصها دا تصير اسود،. مدا ترجع لحالتها الطبيعية، شنو الخلل، هاي الحالة صارلها من البارحة هيجي، رجاء الحل؟؟!! 
hey i want 2 know when i will get the latest update ?!