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Hello  While transfering facebook images too my laptop  Soomething went wrong and i couldn't find them in my laptop so i removed the cellphone and checked my cellphone and saw that they were and one by one was lost
HelloPlease my media volume has this problem where you are listening to a music and continueously periodically sound goes and comes increase and decrease?!I am confused plz helpJ7 pro 2017 32GB internal memory
please i have a J7 pro 2017 32 GB internal Memory blues oneand i lost the SIM holder.where i can find onethank you
please i lost my sim slot where we put the sim in and press it inside the mobileis it true there is no slot at the samsung companyJ7 pro 2017 32 GB internal memory
please help me enabling and finding my appsi disabled fb gmail play store youtubeit turns that the application disappeared from my phone but it still in the phone