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Please share your m51 battery screenshotI request all m51 users to post the screenshot of battery usage.I am fed up with my device which gives only 12hrs screen time without gaming.  
M51 battery performance totally degraded . My Average sot is only 8hrs without gaming . I only use social media apps. The first screenshot shows the overnight drain 4%with wifi data turned off. In average I have 4% - 7% drain overnight everyday Check...
I saw a youtube video about m51 battery drain test and here are results in screenshot. Compare our results with this ideal one .  Dont compare the total screen on time , it depends on apps usage for numbers of active hrs. Eg: in the above screenshot ...
One of the good lock module One hand operation + is now available for M51 in galaxy store. Hoping one day we get all modules with good lock for M51.