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Hello everyone, after freeing up some of my phone's internal storage, I successfully upgraded from One UI 5.1 to One UI 6. Here are the comparison between the three versions below:Can you spot the difference between these screenshots? Thank you!
Hey guys, I just upgraded my phone from One UI 4 to 5. Here's the comparison between the two versions. What are the differences you guys can spot in the two screenshots?One UI 4One UI 5
These offenders are posting links to French piracy sites. If you work for Samsung themselves and are active on this app, please take action immediately by deleting their posts and banning their accounts. Thanks.These offenders are:1. Nozomi Sasaki2. ...
1 is a Galaxy but I don't know the name of the device (Comment if you know about this device.)2 is the small LG phone3 is a Haier phoneHere's the front of these phones.Here's the backAll of them have a micro USB charging port instead of USB-C most co...