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Dear Samsung, Hope this message finds you well.Unfortunately Device Care app is almost useless, please add an option to delete all apps caches!It's annoying that I should manually delete cache for each app.Thank you for your time and consideration.Re...
Dear Samsung, Hope this message finds you well.After almost 20 months of using Galaxy Note 9, now the screen burned in unfortunately.I hope that Samsung consider using QLED in next flagships instead of OLED due to burn-in problem.Thank you. 
Dear Samsung,Hope this message finds you well.Please add more mobile data settings in the next updates like huawei phones and Net Guard app, for example if I want to block specific app from using mobile data, I can't do it without using net guard app...
Please Samsung expand Good Lock and Galaxy Labs applications to all users not just in a specific country!!! We Are All users and humans. It's not acceptable that only specific people will get those apps and features.
We hope that samsung introduce a feature for battery like the laptops and the new sony xperia phones. If I want to use the phone for a long session and i don't want to waste the battery, I want the phone to take electricity directly to it without cha...