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Dear Samsung,Hope this message finds you well.Please add more mobile data settings in the next updates like huawei phones and Net Guard app, for example if I want to block specific app from using mobile data, I can't do it without using net guard app...
Please Samsung expand Good Lock and Galaxy Labs applications to all users not just in a specific country!!! We Are All users and humans. It's not acceptable that only specific people will get those apps and features.
We hope that samsung introduce a feature for battery like the laptops and the new sony xperia phones. If I want to use the phone for a long session and i don't want to waste the battery, I want the phone to take electricity directly to it without cha...
Hello, i hope that samsung in future updates bring Nested folders to home screen (folders inside a folder).For example if i have a folder with the name Education, in this folder i want to make other folders one for English Studies, Another for Comput...
I read some news that said Note 20 Series will be the last one in the Note family!BUT WHY!!!The note Series is the best from Samsung, a lot of people including me still does not want a foldable phone, we just need a regular phone like the note series...