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Update ANDROID 14 one ui 6S21 yesS22 noS23 yesOnly happen with samsung phones廊What a joke from samsung 
after only one year of uses..the watch gps stopped working. Every day samsung wareble making me disappointed since the day one ECG is not working in my area and samsung never mentioned it anywhere. So most of us bought the watch for this feature and ...
Everyday we owners of galaxy watch 4 feel disappointed because of lake of features that we must get with this watch ... now the question is when the google assistant going to be available for WATCH 4
I bought the Samsung watch 4 for ECG  feature but unfortunately i found that samsung just scammed me for not activating this feature in my country BAHRAIN . because i need this feature im going to get apple watch because ECG working with no issues in...
Hi guysAs a guy who is interesting in tech  .im lucky enough in 2019 to use 6 smart phone as daily driver .one plus 7t ..pixel 3a..Huawei mate 20 pro ..xioami mi9 pro..iphone 11 s10..and in terms of cellular signal quality the samsung s1...