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After the update , my A20 dies ,still having 14-15% battery and the CameraLightSensor App keeps on consuming the battery. (I have cleared its cache )Any solutions?
After android 10 update Samsung has added AR functionality in Samsung A20 ❣
Whenever i am using my phone in landscape (like when watching a video) and i go to home, the phone shows home screen first in landscape then in portrait. And this problem is been here for a while . Samsung should fix this flaw.
Charged my phone to 100 , started installing the update , everything went right . Now after the update the touch is not working
Why there is no one ui 2 update on a20 ,when there is a same update on a20e , which has worst screen and battery than a20 . If i knew samsung is going to support there worst phone more than better one i have choosen that. PLUS BOTH HAVE SAME INTERNAL...