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Why my s pen is writing when hovering on screen not touching it & not connecting with phone?لماذا القلم يكتب بدون لمس الشاشه و لا يستطيع التواصل مع الهاتف؟
I recently upgraded to One UI. And I noticed that Photo Editor Pro is no longer an option. I pressed the 3 dots at the top right when I open a photo in gallery and Photo editor pro is not there. So what's up with that? Is it available to download som...
where is the photo editor pro in note 9 after update to one ui this is a must in this phone please do something 😡😡😡😡
why the add contact doesn't appear in any app even whatsapp if i wanna add a new contact from any application through ordinary contacts the add button is not appear the only appear is the existing contacts no add new contact choice is offered.
please how to let dark mode enable itself with the eye protection from sunset to sunrise or by time on my note 9