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Welcome back I'm gonna tell you all about the samsung m55 1)it has 120hz superamoled+ display2)now this year we get a snapdragon 7 Gen 13)it has a 6.7 inches FHD4)it has up to 12GB of RAM5)we have 3 rear cameras and 1 front camera,the first one has t...
I have made the same review as before because no one liked or commented the trouble with the Bluetooth happened to all my family who updated to one ui 6.0 the same with my a14 LTE so please find out what's wrong 
If any body of you have an lte version,then you should have the same problem with bixby vision.So I have downloaded an apk of bixby vision but it won't open unless it updates and it's already in the latest version I wish some one has a sullusion for ...
Hello! I just want to know when will I get the March update? Who got the March update please comment because since December any update I get arrives at 20..... between 12:00 p.m to 2:00 p.m
Hello guys! Remember the a05s review i reviewed from march first,this is the complete one.1)This is the picture in realty, it runs on one ui 6 android 14,made in 2023, it has up to 12 gb of ram and it has up to 128 gb of storage.Good bye!