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When I open a post contains in Samsung mempers app the images appairs while scrolling the time line normally untill I open the post the photo disappears and still the text only. Any help !
Samsung One UI 2 Home screen widgets
After android Q update the phone still doesn't havethe Edge Lighting or Edge Panel, Dex as an advanced features in Samsung Galaxy A70, although it's not a sheep device to ignor like those simple Features. I hope you integrate them soon.
بتلعبوا ايه؟و ايه احسن الالعاباللي ممكن تتلعب علىSAMSUNG A70
AGAINWhy I couldn't change the Language of displaying Samsung Members, to english?Even from the webpage as I select EGYPT it's not possible, otherwise I changed to another arabic region and it has the option to change App Language to English Another ...