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Hey i just wanna share that Samsung did some improvements to M30 after the update it became a bit stable afterall, but it isn't smooth as always with the android 10 navigation gestures.Can't Samsung just fix everything in one update.
Hey M40 users after waiting for so long for Samsung to push Android 10 update for the galaxy M40 Now after you have gotten it, how's the performance did you encounter any bugs??After the update how's the performance of your device??Battery life and o...
As of now the M30s have got the update of March security patch which is good but here Samsung should have to pay attention to it's M30/M20 as it was the 1st ones to get android 10 after the s10's but that isn't enough it could be a lil longer to wait...
Hey fellas,I contacted Samsung for the bugs and the way Galaxy M20/M30 is been facing the performance drops battery drops and etc we all know that!!SO THEY GAVE ME THIS FEEDBACK, I DONNO WHEN IT WILL ARRIVE NOR I GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL DEFINITELY BE ...
Even, the members app didn't open that day as of the server issue i was facing then too it showed me that time, New bug found