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Hey everyone Our M30/M20 has gotten update after a long time I personally own a M30 and after the Android 10 update using the phone was a painful experience But with updates coming to the phone on Quarterly basis it tends to get that issues correct o...
Hey everybody!! As when the summer season started my device performance decreased very well, with keeping the lowest level of brightness possible, kept it without any cover, maintaining everything basics,My device heats and then lags while switching ...
Here another problem, Why the **bleep** Samsung doesn't do the right thing in just one time...It's just been frustrating From December when Android 10 arrived.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Hey i just wanna share that Samsung did some improvements to M30 after the update it became a bit stable afterall, but it isn't smooth as always with the android 10 navigation gestures.Can't Samsung just fix everything in one update.
Hey M40 users after waiting for so long for Samsung to push Android 10 update for the galaxy M40 Now after you have gotten it, how's the performance did you encounter any bugs??After the update how's the performance of your device??Battery life and o...