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Why there is no update since December from samsung side to the galaxy m30....while m30s have got it...any expected date for m30 update????Thanks
Hey Samsung Users!...Any Idea When Will next update come for Galaxy M30 ??????
Please Since the Exynos 7904 is capable of 4k 30fps or 1080 120fps...u should add the toggle for camera to record or video playback in 120fps at 1080...AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PLEASE ADD 🎓IMAGE STABILIZATION IN VIDEO RECORDING 🎓 👆👆highly needed 👆👆...
I hope you all might be getting serious frame drops or laggy sometimes with a galaxy m30 !!! ☆☆Samsung Pls Fix poor Performance on Galaxy M30 or M series devices after update☆☆ ●●already tried - device reset,restart nd no battery saver is on●●
I think when our eyes are closed and we use face recognition it should not unlock the phone....But ths thing is --- it even unlocks the phone while your eyes are closed🤕...very brother tried on me when i was sleeping😂...To play games ofcou...