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Hi my name waleej I have Samsung a50 mobile device when I was using my mobile suddenly its saying erasing all data I didn't erase anything by my self and its suddenly restarts and I have lost all the data worth 4 years Samsung security is not good ho...
Iam currently using a50 and this issue appear 8 have try to restart it but it didn't work any solution
Hello iam samsung a50 user 3 days before my headphone mic start stop working on my phone. I have restarted my phone several times and  clear app data and cache data but it still not working. speaker and headphone is working perfectly but when I try t...
Does samsung a50 will get 2.5ui other phones are already updated to 2.5ui iam running at 2.1 ui
I have been using samsung a50 for 1 year and after some update the battery is getting worst by worst if I use only 1 hour it drop TO 100 to 70 plz give me some solution