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after every 2 or 3 minutes a annoying error popup on screen.Didnt know what kind of error is this but i had factory reset amd then reinstalled all apps but this is not gone.Any suggestion to find this error reason
My S8 plus UAE region not detecting 5ghz frequency wifi and even not creating hotspot of 5ghzwhat to do ?
When sometime i open camera, it open blured and not focusing even taping on object. when i shake it, it become i resolve this issue ?even once samsung technician in UAE samsung store asked me for warrenty claim to change camera. is it right ?a...
As i Recently checked that my S8+ is not capable to creat 5ghz wifi hotspot ?so what i should have to do to solve this issue ?Even s8+ not detecting 5ghz frequency at any channel.
After OCT security patch update S8+ camera is opening with freezed focus. After many Times restarting Cam app then camera works well.Sometimes s8+ hanged and restart automaticaly.