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I have an S7 and recently updated to nougat. Since then I have noticed a significant drop in voice call quality and its sounds like if coming out of torn speaker. Anyone else facing this issue?
I had my hotmail account linked in my S7. Couple of days ago it has stopped syncing and i am not able to receive or view any emails coming in within my default email app. I have downloaded the new Outlook app and can receive the emails through there ...
I have S7 and recently facing this problem of not getting sound notification for my emails. All my notifications in settings are turned on and my notification volume is also set to high but still cant hear any notification. Any solutions?
I just bought a new samsung S7. I wanted to take out the sim tray and by mistake i inserted the pin in the hole next to the sim tray which i believe is the microphone. I felt the pin went through something.i am now worried if i have broken the mic or...