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Can anyone confirm that you got your money back from Samsung shops? Not an s7 but your FULL money.
NOTE 7 is completely banned from us flights. You can't even bring it on the planes. All airlines travelling to US cannot carry any note 7.
It's in many newspaper articles that we can get a refund for our note 7 in UAE. Lots of posts here claiming they can do it. but can someone actually confirm that you got your money back?. cause I couldn't.
Back when the recall was first announced there were numerous newspaper articles claiming that it was possible to get a refund for your note 7. I followed all the possible steps to get my money back. I first contacted consumer rights (Department of Ec...
Very clever of samsung. Limiting our battery to 60% means we will be charging the phone more often therefore increasing the risk of explotion. Dunno who came out with this bright idea but I hope they get fired soon.