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I don't know why but Samsung isn't really clear about this, it said that it will activate once you'll be downloading files or apps 30 MB or more. I'm updating a 264 MB App from the play store and yet nothing's working.... suggestion??
Im using an A7 2017 phone and i got an icon of the motion photo but everytime i tap it, it doesnt support it. The photo came from an s8 plus, so please make some update for other Samsung phones that could support playable motion photo when it is tran...
Can my a7 2017 be compatible with the New 2017 Gear VR and Samsung Dex???
Samsung, can u please add more modes and special features for the camera of the A Series 2017??it has a high 16mp Camera... i cant go to waste if you're not gonna add more to it. Its design is like the s7 but reduced but it could still do more specia...