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hope that samsung find a solution for the esim version of gear S3 not push technology that does not work with all countries.we soon gave up all samsung products!!!
dears...i have my replaced note now for two weeks from doha....everything is super perfect...battery way much better in life from old one although i did not have any single issue with the old i have one google related issue as the search...
It is worth mentioning that i changed my Note7 to the new one.thank you was fast and smooth.
I hope Samsung company to be as smart as we always know and trust in.just make our life easy and instruct any retails to accept swapping of old Note 7 defected one regardless of anything.just please make our life easier as you are a lucky company tha...
dear Samsung gulf.i do suggest a simple Add that any Note 7 owner simply input his/her mobile number and name, and maybe date of purchase for the recall program.we usually call and usually it is very busy.thanks