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I use whatsapp on daily bases.1. recently the app start consuming battery more than usual sometimes 30 or 35 % . while before it used to consume 7 -10% with the same use. 2. cant move the app to the sdcard and its considered as system app . solutions...
somepeople especially professionals with busy day might need a phone with top spec with large battery to progress to in the current production . as top specs phone with massive battery does not exist now a days . like every top spec phone , their bat...
i hope that they will pack 3500mah and 4000mah in S9 and S9+ respectively to match and overtake the other manufacturer rivals like huwawi and one plus . Ram at least 6gb ( expected) or 8gb to get maximal performance same screen resolution as current ...
i guess if they moved the finger print reader to the center of the back like huawei it would be much better than next to the camera
after reviewing the main differences from the new chips from qualcomm and samsung exynos it shows that apply used big Cache for their CPU while samsung and Qualcomm used the maximum for Arm8 2mb cache 2, on the other side Apple used 8mb which might b...