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Google Maps, Translate, Google Assistant, Shazam etc. these are mych needed apps on Galaxy Watch platform. Please Samsung do something.
When it comes to Galaxy "Note".. The only thing that comes in mind is the best and ultimate what Samsung can offer in its smartphone division. The word "Note" was enough to signify the ultimate of Galaxy smartphones. Adding the word "pro" degrades th...
One UI, which is intended to provide easy one-hand experience, still has the most important and frequently used thing "search bar" on the unreachable place . Bringing the seach bar at the bottom (in app drawer and within native apps) will make one-ha...
What the hell Samsung why no Orchid Gray in India? 😡Extremely Disappointed !!! 😠
In how many color do The New Galaxy S8 / S8+ comes in the rest of the world? Black, Gold , Silver ,Blue Coral , and Orchid Gray .. and in India .. where is Orchid Gray and Artic Silver? Why don't you give all the color options? Atleast new options sh...