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I just got the April security patch level update on my samsung galaxy S10 Lite
Why does it take so much time to install any app on samsung phonesI have a samsung galaxy S10 lite which has snapdragon 855 chip But still it takes a lot of time to install an app irrespective of its sizeDoes anybody face this issue? pls comment
Did anyone having samsung galaxy S10 Lite what is your security patch levelMine is still on December 1 2020 patchDid anyone got the update in January.
Hard reset is not working on my s10 lite I tried holding vol up and power key and also volume down key and power key but it's just restartingIt's not showing the reboot screenAnyone facing this problem?
What version of galaxy store is running on your Samsung galaxy S10 lite?Mine is's a new version galaxy store with a new lookBut I didn't get the update