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Hello Samsung Team,I have been using S Secure app to lock few apps on my A50 with 4 digit pin or fingerprint unlock since 4 weeks.I feel like it require below improvements:1. The indisplay fingerprint and number keyboard are overlapping. Whenever I a...
I believe A50 should improve it's face unlock feature. It is very basic that is existing now.What do you think friends?
Hello A50 Users,I want to see how many members indisplay fingerprint is working great all the time in their A50 devices. Please vote with liking or commenting the post. Help me with likes or comments.I want to confirm from you that it is working and ...
Hello,I have found an issue regarding fingerprint in my mobile. I am not sure whether it is same in most others. Please help me with this ?When I add my finfmgerprints newly, the fingerprint unlock is working amazing within 1 hour for adding. Later i...