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From 2 3 days I am noticing an unusual vibration when launching back camera in Instagram by swiping right from the app and the screen shakes for 1 mili second , this vibration occurs from camera app also; is this hardware issue or instagram issueMy S...
Today I checked my phone and got 150 MB update . Its not a security patch update its still 1 July . The only change I noticed was new Device Maintenance icon (check in 1st screenshot ), can anyone tell what other things have been added or fixed .I am...
Since the Nougat Update the Image Processing in gallery has become slow .... if I zoom a image it take 2 seconds to make the image clear . There are various apps which gets force closed randomly . Fast Charging is not good now it takes time to charge...
After the Nougat update I feel speed of image processing of gallery has reduced . If i zoom a image then it gets clear within 1 or 2 seconds. Earlier it was not so , even the Auto Adjust has also became slower . Do fix it .
Galaxy S6 running on Nougat ... Language selected Eng UK .... google assistant is not available. How to activate. Is it possible to run with language as English (India) ??