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I think 3gb/32gb varient of Galaxy m20 would hang a lot after One UI/Pie Update because One UI is more heavy user interface and has a lot of more features than previous Experience UI and also Android Pie is bigger load, therefore i think unless Samsu...
Note : Please Use Original 15w Samsung Charger Which Comes in Box with Galaxy M20 If you are using any other charger or cable its obviously gonna charge slowly Solution: Unplug the Charger and turn on Fast Charging Cable mode in Settings>Device Maint...
Its very disappointing the battery life of my Galaxy M20 Is decreasing day by day
Please Read This Post till the end with Focus and by the way i am not just a fool writing about something which i don't know.I bought Galaxy M20 after watching videos of paid Youtubers like Technical Guruji and now after 25 days use i am here to give...