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Have been checking for availability of beta program enrolling for my s10 plus frequently Unfortunately by the time I tried to e roll it says it had max no of enrollment already ..Is it possible to increase the enrollment count ?
1. Is samsung planning to introduce wallet features that can hold movie tickets , hotel reservations , membership cards any time near future ?2. Payment using payment gateways in india .. at present indian payment gatwways doesn't recognise samsung p...
Have two work profiles one for my company and one for my customer using office 365. And would need to access these constantly ..Can we have dual teams or dual outlook for two enterprise accounts
I have been a regular user of samsung pay. In india i wanted to share few areas that can be looked at improving 1.bill payments .. currently if u make any bill payments , it will remember the same thing in next bill cycle and get the bill enabling u ...
Have read some where samsung pay supports membership cards , but working in my s10 plus (india)Does anybody know if there is a plan to support membership cards , boarding passes in india ?Was thinking probably samsung should market to all the the key...