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Meanwhile in philepens Samsung members app page they are giving many offers such as McDonalds burger aswell as many. In India you just need to discuss that's it
Any s10+ users find any issues on prime video, video quality. My video quality is poor. Even my wifi gives 200mpbs speed. There was something problem from yesterday. Even my other phone A50s works fine runs on HD. But my s10 plus runs on poor quality...
Samsung I just want refund for my S10 plus. I still stuck on august update in india while other region got September and October update with note 10 features. I m sick of u r slow updates.. Made a big mistake purchasing your so called flagship phone
Every phones getting update scenarios Apple : 👍Google : 👍Oneplus : 👍Samsung : Am I joke to you.🥺🤷🏼‍♂️A big mistake I made buying this S10. I should have waited for Pixel 4 instead.
Any S10 users from India got the latest September live FOCUS video update?