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We see a lot of other UIs making things smoother by implementing smoother scrolling like spring/bounce effect when the page reaches the bottom/ top of the list. For example  I scroll to the bottom of the settings page and it would look more pleasing ...
After the one ui 2.1 update on my galaxy S10, I noticed increased screen on time even with quad hd on all time which is a great thing but... problem is my phone is now taking way longer time to fully has become slower in terms of charging ...
From the lockscreen I can switch the mobile data network using multisim info. So that is ridiculous. It should need password protection to modify it. Please change
1) When I receive notification. Screen doesn't light up when it is locked.2) missed call notifications are not showing up.3) when in recent apps menu, can't use home gesture to go to home. (Navigation gestures)4) when unlocked the phone, the status b...