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Hello it seems I can't contact Samsung Support by Live Chat because of this and can't send Suggestions via Feedback because the option is missing
Only updating flagships to One UI 2.1 (even those flagships from 2018) shows that Samsung doesn't care about users from midrange. Look at Huawei or Xiaomi, they are all running latest software version, on all models (midrange or flagship) because the...
Does Samsung gives a **bleep** about the Feedback? I mean battery is worst optimized and Device Care is a bad joke.Why? You can't optimize the battery by yourself, there are no "tools" for a better Battery Care like "Battery Doctor" or something like...
Hello here are my Suggestions and Ideas for One UI 2.0 hopefully Samsung will listen:[System/Software]: - General fixes and improvements - Performance and Stability improvements - UI improvements and fixes - Security improvements [Device Care]: - UI ...
When will we get March Security update for A50 (SM-A505F)?