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Their Buggest failure,and weirdest but safest system update came for this device,By emergency update,They blocked device from charging and made it impossible to downgrade.
As we know,the best app to connect your phone with pc is Microsoft Your Phone app.But We started to forgot app by released Samsung to transfer your notifications,Calls and files.Alright, I'm gonna re-introduce about,Samsung FlowAs I said before,Your ...
Does anyone knows why I can't use Galaxy themes?
WhatsApp is rolling out a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to is finally rolling out the global voice note player!There is finally good news. After rolling out the global voice note player to...
Google has finally changed an outdated design on location modal dialog into Material You.This dialog window hasn't changed its design since Android 5.0, if not before. In December 2021. In February the status changed to fixed. As you can see, it now ...