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Right after installing beta 6 , i noticed the device heats up like crazy. Even without doing any heavy task the devices becomes so hot that i vant even touch it. This is the first time im having heating issue with my s20+. Please fix ASAP samsung!
Oh my god, beta 1.0 was almost perfrct, but beta 2 ruined the UI. Its laggy as it can get. I wish i didnt update. Beta admin please take note and fix it asap. Regards
So today we in India got one UI 3.0 public beta, and tbh im loving the changes Samsung have introduced. One UI 3.0 isnt a major overhaul, but refines an UI which was already good. Like the new quick settings, lock screen, settings page. Looks alot cl...
#SamsungGalaxy #GalaxyS3 #GalaxyS7Edge #GalaxyS20+
Hey there, do after updating to Android 10 on my M30, im facing an annoying issue where when you open the camera app and switch to front camera, the phone lags and UI broken, the camera app freezes and becomes unresponsive. And after couple of minute...