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Hi guys I'm using Samsung A10s and i can't install notiStar,lockstar,quick star... please give me a solution for this .if anyone have these apps package for A10s please send me the link on comments Thank you..
Hi Samsung..update android 10 capable series list with dates.
Please release android 10 update list and date. Add these features to your next update 1. Calling app ,when we calling somebody if the phone is rings it's should be show us in our screen like phone is ringing not calling 2. Messages app , delivery re...
Hi Samsung.. please update your Samsung messages app and add this featureAfter send a message delivery reports show near to that messages or show like double tick..it's easy to find delivery and not delivery messages.
Why srilanka Samsung is not answering any of our questions? I have doubt that srilanka has Samsung company community for accessing this app..if they don't have that then how they know our needs and solve our problems. At least Indian Samsung responde...