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Why there is no background blur in recent apps...altough in Taskchanger module they show's the blur in background....But it doesnt appear in actual..
1)ONE UI 2 is not optimised yet for the best experience....sometimes lags occurs when we are minimizing app from guesture navigations....2)Camera optimiser is not working gud sometimes it confuses what the actual object is...3)Game booster still not ...
M40 samsung very disapointed from this phone .....after a month of own this phone ...i always thinks to change this S__HIT phone M40 (fudu)....Recently switched to A51 that is brilliant at every corner...Performance ,camera,design,Screen (super amole...


O bc M40 v kadya aa tuc Samsung aleo.....koi hai cheta tanu k fer tuc 2019 de march mhine ch travel krge fr time machine nal jithe m40 da namo nishaan e nai.......Lodu samsung
1---Can samsung should add bixby support to m40 in Q update?2----Can samsung shold give knox security?? i thinks not because of hardware missing bt may be there is another way to give knox security or secure folder!!!?3----Can samsung should add edge...