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Recently galaxy anounces note 9 . so i went for upgrade option . they are offering me discount 33,000 for galxy note 8 .1. 67,900 -> 33000 in a year 2 .they don't care about their old flagship phone3 .No big update . just improving calculator us old ...
i set up samsung notes password as well as biometric . but whenever i open samsung notes i does not take password . Simply open. As any body can open my notes .
when i Shake my note 8 there is rattle or clicking sound . is this ois or anything else ?
there is showing moisture detect in my usb port , I wash my hands and put my phone in my hand , may be only a single drop come in contact and but may be it goes . it has been given ip68 rating . how thats possible and now what to do because I am not ...