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In C9 Pro there is no option for selecting Theme thru AOD. It is mentioned below there that due to flickering problem it is not provided. How one can set a good theme in AOD, so it is seen all the time on the display in place of AOD clock.I hv A7 201...
I am looking desperately for an application for Answering Machine for my Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro handset.If I am busy and cannot take incoming call, the app should respond automatically with greeting message, either prerecorded or in my own voice and a...


@SamsungPlease explain the ratio of PPI & size of display. Bigger the display lesser the PPI wl be?Also explain term *Water Drop Notch* n *Bezel Free Display*.
Just wanted to check, whether the software update of Version 9, Pie, will be made available to Galaxy C9 Pro handset. If yes, when.There are certain features such as Lock Screen Stories, AOD additional features n few more features in Pie update. I am...
I am using Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro handset.The application "Lock Screen Stories", which is seen in all latest devices of Samsung, is not there in my phone.I desperately want to install it in my hand set. Please someone help me as I could not find the s...