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Samsung pay not working after pie beta update. Stuck at opening the secure keyboard.If anybody faced this problem or has solution to this problem any help will be appreciated.Thank you
Not able to see writings when long pressing the icons. This problem is only in night mode.In normal mode it works fine and we can read the writings clearly
Has anyone purchased anything from google play store and used split payment? I have some money in google play balance but it is not enough to buy the application and I would like to pay rest of the money or the difference using my credit card.But i d...
Before upgrading to one ui beta in galaxy s9 plus do I need to backup my data ?I know normally it is wise to backup all your important data but does upgrading to higher android version deletes your data ?I am asking this because this is the first tim...
Is visa checkout going to be available for Samsung pay India users? We can pay online using Samsung pay on E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. If anybody has any information please share.Thanks