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Good morning All,I m really very disappointed from the search option on my note 20 ultra, that was not expected at all.I have already the files in my storage in my mobile, when I search for any keywords for these files or even the complete name of th...
حد جرب يا جمااعه تشغيل Samsung pay علي الموبايل او علي Watch 3يا ريت تفيدونا
Why can't I connect a flash drive to the phone note 20 ultra through an OTG converter, while the same OTG is working fine with other phone.Did I miss something to be able to read the flash drive?
Good evening all,I m not sure if the problem is on me or not, but I can say, I m not happy , really I m sorry for that sorry for critisizing too much.While I m in a call, in the middle of the call, a very loud notification just hit strongly my ear fr...
Good morning All,Can we add a bottom in the quick panel to lock the watch without the need to take it off.Some one may play in the watch while u r asleep, That's really happens *,*