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My best friend became anonymous We hope that his new account grow fast and he reaches his likes and commentsRIP GalaxyA51user account We will feel sad for your hardwork, 379 posts and 3500 comments 
Maybe many people will not be happy after reading this post. Most of his friends already seeing his crucial behaviour. Now he has crossed his limits too.BAs and Admins need to see this post as he is making fun of my food.As I am a pure vegetarian, I ... To The Group Of ❤️AM❤️UNG Users Squad ! Samsung is a South Korean company. Samsung Electronics is part of the Samsung Group which started in 1938 ○▪︎○▪︎○▪︎○▪︎○▪︎○▪︎○▪︎○▪︎○▪︎○Latest Galaxy News ☆...
On the special occasion of-Alen's BirthdayFirst I need to wish a very Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Alen. I am glad to create this post with the help of @GalaxyA51user.The first day of Meeting with Alen-The day when I met Alen, I dont know who ...
Hey everyone,I am Galaxy-A30s, and I want to tell that a spammer who used my profile and my name. This account and my main account are mine; and the @Galaxy_A30s is a spammer (which has blurred profile). Please report him-This is a spammer. You can f...