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In my S20 fe 5g the screen blinks or flickering and message app automatically appears in recent apps. When message app is opened the screen blinks or flickering every time. Is message app cause the screen flickering problem What is the solution?
Hello all, In my new s20 de 5g phone there is a small gap between metal frame and plastic back cover on upper side. Is it any kind of defect? When I open box very first time there are dust on screen protector and back side film. Is it possible that d...
Hello all,I have purchased online Samsung S20 fe 5g. When I have break the seal and open box first time , the some amount of dust on screen protector and back side film. Is it used phone sent to me or it is normal.
In my A8 plus, voice is coming very low during call from other side.What causes this problem?Any solution..please suggest to solve...
Galaxy watch 46mm  LTE version without SPO2 seems useless..please Samsung give SPO2 feature via update if possible otherwise it is useless.