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Have you ever noticed that android apps are very frequently updated? While update is good thing, it's kind of irritating to update something almost every other day! This is also not feasible who have limited internet bandwidth or using mobile data so...
Does note9 support VoLTE? My network is VoLTE enabled but I don't see volte sign anywhere on my phone nor any options in settings. Any idea?
I've noticed that the auto brightness is quite disturbing in my Note 9. Brightness goes up as soon as the ambient light is up but doesn't go down when lights dim, it stays on high brightness, it's weird and uncomfortable. My iPad manages brightness l...
Note 9 has only 15 watt fast charging yet the battery gets crazy hot during charging. Sometimes it just stops charging or throttles down to very slow charging.Samsung is dead in terms of innovation!?Suggest some phones which don't have battery overhe...
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