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Dear Samsung Members,I am a Samsung fanatic, yet I am discouraged and disappointed by the feeling of being discriminated as I have no access to Good Lock and its amazing features.Join me if you support granting access to Good Lock for all countries.L...
Hello, folks,I have an S24 Ultra, and the issue is that battery drains even when on Power Saving and Idle, I charge to 100% at night, and 5 hours (idle and on power saving and airplane mode) later, the battery is at 95%. I use the charger that came w...
Hello,Unfortunately, after the Quickshare update where it is merged with Nearby share, it fails every time I try to share any file from my Note 20 Ultra to my S10 5G although Quickshare app and associated apps have been updated on both phones.Anyone ...
I have a Note 20 Ultra 5G (SM-N986W), and I can no longer listen to voice messages privately on WhatsApp theough earpiece, after an update I had a few months back. There is no problem with my phone's proximity sensor as it is working with voice calls...
Since Samsung is currently testing the One UI 4 on Android 12 for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we kindly ask Samsung to bring the Director's Mode camera feature to the Note 20 Ultra. What do you think guys?