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Patience has to end..and to get my mood a little worse i had to talk to Samsung live chat botsThier is no change in their answers.Stay tuned and follow me,For latest updates.
To the people and the Samsung teamAccording to some forum chat comments and the team replies tobthw the queries it has been noticed that the they repeatedly say SIR THE UPDATE IS OUT FOR SOME SELECTED INDIVIDUALS AND NOT FOR PUBLIC WE ARE TRYING BEST...
See these AND NOW COMES INDIAN MARKET SITUATION.Out of all the phase 2 countries only India has not received the that's what we call Samsung way of maintaining its LARGEST CUSTOMER BASE.
A chat with these guys regarding Updates and same old answersThis is not the way these people should respond. They must be accurate regarding thier services at least.#poorsamsung #oneui
Looking at people (including me) and thier hunger for one ui makes me feel sad. My friends in China and UK have already received the update but in India thier is no sign rather the "COMING SOON" stuff has vanished.Many people here ask us to be patien...