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I am using the official leather case on my Galaxy S10. And I need to remove the cover before payment. Or else it fails.
How does this work actually. Can somebody explain ? I tried to wait for a day last update but nothing happened. This time also OTA update is released but nothing happening. I know I can manually press the Download and Install. But I want to know what...
Is there any development regarding OneUI 2.5. I mean will it be released before android 11 or with Android 11? Samsung Galaxy S10.
Atleast have the decency to give us a way to restore the backups. I just lost my 6 years of predictive text lol. This time I am ditching samsung keyboard and tbh next time no samsung phone.
I am done with this s/h/i/t. The new oneUI 2.1 keyboard is fu'ck'ed. I feel like throwing my phone. It cannot even translate a normal word when using my state language. This keyboard erased all of my personalized text and now this. Either release a n...