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Housefly A housefly rubing its hands and wings to takeoff.!Macro cam is better now but it still needs to improve a lot .I wish the pro mode had options to move to macro, wide-angle and true 64 megapixel mode.That will give the user or the photographe...
All these photos are taken from the Galaxy A52. The bubble looked so elegant that i couldn't resist from taking the picture.I tried the 1st image with the main camera, and the rest two with the micro lens, the last one was croped a bit to make it loo...
What an evening it was ?Even a bird in the frame is admiring the nature.A bird having break and gazing at the clouds.
I edited this using snapseed by stiching 3 photos. These are all straight from the phone itself These are all straight from the phone itselfThese are all straight from the phone itself1st picture was edited on snapseed. And the rest of it is all stra...
A Hat of cloudI realy love how Samsung handles the Dynamic range.This photo was Shot on "Galaxy A52"