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I have been using Note 9 since Sept 2018 when it came out. It's not even 1 year old yet and still it's battery have fallen down significantly. I need to charge it twice a day with moderate usage and battery is pathetic past 2 months. Tried formating,...
I own a note 9 and got gear sports and samsung buds along with it. This combo has made my life much more convenient with one stop solutions for all my needs like watch help me keep track of my fitness and buds are on the go accessory while traveling ...
Hot chocolate Veg Steamed MomosSpring RollsChilli PotatoesFollow my food journey on Instagram https://instagram.com/thebhukkadsouls?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=r85xck9xsjrvAll the above pics are clicked via NOTE 9
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